Premium CookinPellets® Information

WHAT are Premium CookinPellets® ?
CookinPellets® USA Tested ALL types of Meats, Wood Pellet Varieties & Combinations for Best Smoking Results. 
CookinPellets® discussed the matter with BBQ Competition Teams, Smokehouse Restaurant Chefs & Pit Masters. 
After Experiments, Testing, Cooking, Eating, Blending Pellets - The Final Premium PerfectMix® Blend was created
and agreed as BEST Answer for Awesome BBQ Flavour - without all the fuss! NOW there is no need to test the
whole range of Hardwood Pellets! Other Blends on the market are trying to keep up 
BUT - Premium CookinPellets® are the Best for BBQ Smokin' Flavours!
Premium Perfect Mix® is excellent for all BBQ Smoking!
                                               18Kg Packs for all makes of BBQ Pellet Smoker Grills
                                                          5Kg Packs for BBQ Pellet Smoker Tubes
                                           for Smoking in Charcoal & Gas BBQ's with a Smoker Tube


Premium Perfect Mix
® CookinPellets®
18kgPM           5kgPM         330grmPM

Premium Perfect Mix® - The Perfect BBQ Smoking Blend for all Smoker Grills & Smoker Tubes

Each Pellet is carefully made up from . . .
 for Deep Smokin’ - Traditional All American BBQ Flavours + 
Cherry for Hearty Smokin’ with Sweet Overtones + 
Maple for Mild Smokin’ with Sweet Overtones +
Apple for Light Fruity Subtle with Fresh Overtones
All adding to Flavour Depth, Complexity & All Round BBQ Smokin' Satisfaction!

Premium 100% HICKORY CookinPellets®
18kgHY       5kg-HY          

Yes - The only 100% All American Premium Hickory available on the market today!
Not a Blend. No Fillers - JUST 100% Premium Hickory Hardwood.
For the folks with more enthusiastic Smokin' Tastes! 
Excellent for Short Cooks - All Types of Steaks, Chicken, Burgers, Pork Chops & Fish. 
Awesome for Long Slow Cooks - Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey - Whole Pigs.

Premium LONGHORN TEXAN MESQUITE Blend CookinPellets®
   18kgLH      5kg-LH                

Traditional Southern USA - The Taste of Texas! - Texas alternative to HICKORY!
Longhorn MESQUITE Texan Blend of Mesquite, Cherry & Hard Maple

Popular Southern USA - Texas Style Smoking. Punchy Smoke - Earthy & Savoury - Hot Burning
Lighter, Sweeter & More Complex than American Hickory - 
Ideal for Texas Style Southern BBQ's - Excellent with Dark Meats - Nice with Chicken or Pork
Round up the Smoking Flavours with CookinPellets Longhorn Texan Mesqite Blend . . . .
Gives you another Great True Traditional American Awesome BBQ Flavour - You've gotta try it!!

Premium APPLE MASH CookinPellets®
18kgAM         5kg-AM                          

Worlds 1st BBQ Smoker Pellet infused with Apple Fruit Mash
Burn & Smoke Properties Stabalised with Hard Maple.
Apple Fruit Mash is infused into CookinPellets® proprietary process to make a Light Sweet Fresh
Subtle Fruity Smoke Flavour. 
Try a COLD SMOKING with no BBQ Heat.
The Light Sweet Fresh Flavor is Ideal for foods like pre cooked chicken, pork & muffins. 
Cold Smoked Salmon, Sausage & Cheese.
Best between 180-350 degrees. 
Remember - Long Low & Slow Temperatures gives Best Flavour!


Premium 100% BLACK CHERRY CookinPellets®
18kgBC               5kg-BC                                                    
Subtle Sweet Smokey Flavour with NO Bitterness.Gentle yet Hearty Smoke Flavour. Well worth trying! 
A great addition to the CookinPellets® Range 

Premium 100% OAK CookinPellets®
 18kgOK               5kg-OK              
For folks who preffer a Subtle Gentle Smoke with British Style BBQ Smokin' Flavours - 
Subtle, Gentle & Mild overtones -
Very pleasing to the palate for All Meats & Cold Smokin' with BBQ Smoker Tubes 

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                                                   Premium PIZZA® Pellets
                     100% Premium OAK OR 100% Premim BEECH (Just Like Ooni Pellets)

Available in 5Kg 15kg or 5kg Multi Pack Buys @  & 

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