Premium CookinPellets® Information

WHAT are Premium CookinPellets® ?
CookinPellets® in USA Tested ALL types of Meats & Wood Pellet Varieties & Combinations for Best Smoking Results. 
CookinPellets® discussed the matter with BBQ Competition Teams - Smokehouse Restaurant Chefs & Pit Masters in USA. 
After a whole heap of Experiments, Testing, Cooking, Eating, Blending Pellets - The Final Premium PerfectMix® Blend was created and agreed as BEST Answer for Awesome BBQ Flavour - without all the fuss! NOW there is no need to test the whole range of Hardwood Pellets to see which you MAY like! You will find other Blends on the market trying to keep up with marketing trends,
BUT - Premium CookinPellets® are the Best for BBQ Smokin Flavours! & Premium Perfect Mix® is excellent for all BBQ Smoking!


                                               18Kg Packs for all makes of BBQ Pellet Smoker Grills
                                                          5Kg Packs for BBQ Pellet Smoker Tubes
                                           for Smoking in Charcoal & Gas BBQ's with a Smoker Tube


Premium Perfect Mix
® CookinPellets®
18kgPM+Grill                    5kgPM+SMTs

Premium Perfect Mix® - The Perfect BBQ Smoking Blend for all Smoker Grills & Smoker Tubes

Each Pellet is carefully made up from . . .
 - Deep Smokin’ - Traditional All American BBQ Flavours + 
Cherry - Hearty Smokin’ with Sweet Overtones + 
Maple - Mild Smokin’ with Sweet Overtones +
Apple - Light Fruity Subtle with Fresh Overtones


Premium 100% HICKORY CookinPellets®
18kg Hickory + Grill                                       5kgHY+SMTubes

Yes - The only 100% All American Premium Hickory available on the market today!
Not a Blend. No Fillers - JUST 100% Premium Hickory Hardwood.
For the folks with more enthusiastic Smokin' Tastes! 
Excellent for Short Cooks - All Types of Steaks, Chicken, Burgers, Pork Chops & Fish. 
Awesome for Long Slow Cooks - Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey - Whole Pigs.


Premium LONGHORN TEXAN MESQUITE Blend CookinPellets®
   18kgLH+Grill                    5kgLH+Tube

Traditional Southern USA - Texas alternative to HICKORY!
Longhorn MESQUITE Texan Blend of Mesquite, Cherry & Hard Maple

Popular Southern USA - Texas Style Smoking. Punchy Smoke - Earthy & Savoury - Hot Burning
Lighter & Sweeter than Hickory - 
Ideal for Texas Style  Southern BBQ's - Excellent with Dark Meats - Nice with Chicken or Pork
Round up the Smoking Flavours with CookinPellets Longhorn Texan Mesqite Blend . . . .
Gives you another Great True Traditional American Awesome BBQ Flavour - You've gotta try it!!

Premium APPLE MASH CookinPellets®
18kg Apple Mash + Grill                                      5kgAM+SMTubes

Worlds 1st Smoker Pellet infused with Apple Fruit Mash
Burn & Smoke Stabalised with Hard Maple.
Apple Fruit Mash is infused into CookinPellets® proprietary process to make a Light Sweet Fresh
Subtle Fruity Smoke Flavour. 
Try a COLD SMOKING with no BBQ Heat.
The Light Sweet Fresh Flavor is Ideal for foods like pre cooked chicken, pork & muffins. 
Cold Smoked Salmon, Sausage & Cheese.
Best between 180-350 degrees. 
Remember - Long Low & Slow Temperatures gives Best Flavour!


Premium 100% BLACK CHERRY CookinPellets®
18kg Premium 100% Black Cherry                                    5kgBC+SMTubes                                       
Subtle Sweet Smokey Flavour. No Bitterness.
Gentle yet Hearty Smoke Flavour. Well worth trying! 
A great addition to the CookinPellets® Range 


Premium 100% OAK CookinPellets®
 18kgOAK+Grill                                     5kgOK+SMTubes
For folks who preffer a Subtle Gentle Smoke without strong BBQ Smokin' Flavours - 
Subtle, Gentle & Mild overtones -
Very pleasing to the palate for All Meats & Cold Smokin' with BBQ Smoker Tubes 


Premium PIZZA Pellets® 
5kg Pizza Pellets    

Premium PIZZA® Pellets are 100% Premium OAK - Pizza Oven Pellets
Flames from Oak Pizza Pellets - Give the Highest Flame temeratures of ALL Woods
Perfect for Flash 60 Secs Cooking in Todays Outdoor Pellet Pizza Ovens . Oak Pellets give a 'Clean' Burn with 'White' Smoke  with a pleasant welcoming scent & minimum White Ash Residue Powder. No Soot or Taste Issues! 
Use in any Outdoor Pellet fired PIZZA Oven - Uuni - Ooni - Nero - Roccbox & many others
Available in 5Kg 15kg or 5kg Multi Pack Buys @  & 

CookinPellets®  PerfectMix®     POWER to the PELLET®    COOK on WOOD!®     
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